QB Series "Kingfisher" 6hp.


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This very late model Kingfisher, 1993 is actually badges as a Seagull 6!

Curlew 4hp

Osprey 5hp

These are scans of original (and rare) brochures and leaflets, they are full of 

useful information. To keep the loading time to a minimum, I have reproduced

them below in a small format. Where text needs to be readable, just click where instructed

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QB SERIES Leaflet (front and back)

qbfront small  qb back small charles leith British Seagull kingfisher small  charles leith kingfisher engine small  charles leith kingfisher propeller small

These three nice pics of an early Kingfisher were kindly sent in by Charles Leith.


British Seagull brochure 2 feb 06 small  British Seagull brochure 3 feb 06 small

The two pages above are taken from a 1980's leaflet sent to me by Greg Taylor of Queensland Australia. Thanks Greg!

It shows the Gulls they built at that time, 3 QB models and the Forty series only.