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BRITISH SEAGULL Outboard motor spares Curlew exhaust gasket TRN CU010. New.5.990.005.99GBP2h:9m:18s
British Seagull outboard motor F/N gearbox 100 & 100+ models. 4 : 1 ratio. Used.39.9915.0054.99GBP3h:24m:55s
British Seagull outboard motor Mk 3/4 CD ignition manual/Siba flywheel pulley 17.990.0017.99GBP3h:24m:55s
British Seagull Original 1978 Handbook12.001.0013.00GBP5h:10m:50s
POOLE POTTERY Vintage Twintone Seagull Grey Ice Blue Casserole Serving Dish2.996.008.99GBP5h:14m:46s
British Seagull outboard motor 70/80/90/170 crown wheel. New. GBX 10 02956.000.0056.00GBP5h:37m:42s
Poole Pottery Twin Tone Ice Green and Seagull Sauce/Gravy Boat with Stand/Saucer12.004.8016.80GBP5h:52m:29s
British Seagull outboard motor 2 x 70/80/90/170 crown wheel. Used. GBX 10 02980.000.0080.00GBP5h:55m:56s
British Seagull outboard motor pinion sleeve, bushed. Used. 80-170. GBX 10 02929.990.0029.99GBP6h:2m:29s
Poole Pottery Twin Tone Ice Green and Seagull 2 x Casserole/Lidded Dishes C5722.007.8929.89GBP6h:3m:24s
British Seagull outboard motor Propellor shaft New. 80-90-100-170. GBX 10 02629.990.0029.99GBP6h:15m:40s
Poole Pottery Twin Tone Ice Green & Seagull 5 x Coffee Cups/Saucers Sugar Bowl 22.005.9927.99GBP6h:23m:59s
Poole Pottery Twin Tone Ice Green & Seagull 6 x Tea/Coffee Cups/Saucers Sugar 25.007.8932.89GBP6h:38m:48s
Seagull Centruy Plus Outboard Engine, June 1965100.000.00100.00GBP6h:39m:38s
Silver Century Plus Seagull Outboard 5 hp, long shaft, June 1978200.000.00200.00GBP6h:40m:8s
british seagull outboard engine23.504.2027.70GBP6h:45m:45s
2 x British Seagull Outboard Model 110/90 Drive Springs9.993.9913.98GBP6h:45m:49s
British Seagull Outboard cylinder head forty series9.993.9913.98GBP6h:56m:37s
British Seagull outboard Silver Century Plus With Clutch water pump housing,9.993.0012.99GBP7h:14m:46s

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