Curlew 4hp.

This model is considered to have the most 'honest' of the hp claims of all the range of British Seagulls.

They sadly only made a few hundred of these motors and they are cherished by their owners.

The one seen below was built by me in 2007 from new parts obtained in 1996 when I cleared the factory. the crankcase had already been stamped with a 1990 code. I added an extra, the twist-grip throttle, that was an option. the motor was to be used on my daughter's 'wedding present' boat, an 18ft Foxcub cruiser. much as my daughter admired my British Seagulls she however expressed a preference for a similar hp motor with reverse... thus I offer this one for sale, March 2008, without it ever having seen salt water! See the For Sale page for more.

dscf0096 small1  dscf0097 small1  dscf0093 small1

Click here for a Video clip of it running!




dscf0046 small1 On the left a Curlew having just left the workshop, ready for sale. Needless to say it sold instantly!