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To obtain parts, first you need to have identified your motor This link will take you to pages that will help. Try checking the engine number against the list. I would like to know the number when you telephone me.


2018, I finished the second half of my long sailing trip, to complete my round England, Wales and most of Scotland trip, 'Fiddling Around'.

You can read view the log via the link below, click the logo.

This takes you to both parts of my round UK trip.

From now on staying closer to home!

Full range of all Seagull parts available. Contact me for prices.

John Williams.

Saving Old Seagulls


In addition to normal parts I have remanufactured hard to get parts and some in s/s especially where Seagull no longer sell them.  I also keep a stock of used parts, especially where castings and the like are no longer available.

Below are a sample of prices, please contact me for any part not here and I will give you prices.  I normally keep all these parts and more, but due to the large demand sometimes I maybe out of stock awaiting delivery, supply etc.

None of these parts include P&P, as owners often put together a wish list of parts. Minimum P&P.  charges generally kept as low as I can.

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Have added a link to a converter so you can compare prices in your part of the world!

Thanks to Hans for this suggestion.

General Spares

This is just a selection, as a price guide, virtually every part stocked! Too many to list!


Villiers ignition coils... 

Speak to George at

He is the only man to sell these newly made ones, any others seen for sale are old stock and very suspect..  they can fail just sat on the shelf, they maybe are good for 20 years only.... the shellac insulation on the old ones was biodegradable. and as the last ones were made in 1967..... Not surprising I hear of Villiers coil failures almost every day.

Workshop manual, the  full maintenance manual all square block and 102 model 11.50 plus P&P .

Owners Handbook, for all magneto and  CD ignitions, basic how to start it etc. 7.25 plus P&P .

Spares book,  for all models except 170/QB  full of exploded drawings of all parts. 7.50  plus P&P .

QB Manual  No longer available????!!!!  I am working on ways to reproduce copies.

QB handbook  Also unavailable.....

QB spares book full of exploded drawings of all parts. 12.00  plus P&P.

Spares book  for 102 full of exploded drawings of all parts. 5.50  plus P&P . Awaiting reprint...

SOS Seagull notelet SOS Notelets!  Pack of 5  cards and envelopes £10.00 plus P&P

Poster same pic as notelets,  approx. 18 inches by 9, 15.00


Whitworth spanners.  .  SOLD OUT. Search the net for Whitworth spanners, they are out there.


kingfisher inner exhaust SOS made, New inner exhausts. Sold out sorry..

Sadly now all gone, and I do not intend having more made, these took a long time to go off the shelf!


British Seagull propspring Seagull standard prop spring, fits 90% of Seagulls   June 2023 price up to  5.00 plus P&P. ... (seen advertised elsewhere for £9.99 plus  P&P!)


special washer and pin for prop Special washer and stainless pin for prop spring £3.50 (buy with the drive spring for 7.50).


prop springs  for fnr gbx Special Seagull drive springs for motors with FNR gearboxes. Model 90/110 £9.00, Larger ones for Kingfisher and the 170 £14.50


British Seagull gearbox plugs  Gearbox plugs. sadly price increased to 4.75.

Not rare or unobtainable... (despite what you might read elsewhere!)  and as far as I am aware only 3 types have ever existed,  the original brass one, the bendy polythene ones of the 1950's and 60's, and the later rigid plastic ones that Seagull do now and of course I sell. £4.75, Yes that's all, not £9.99 as we have seen, beware the eBay shops!


Brass Gearbox plugs.

I have a small number of these newly made in brass, with 'o' ring seal. For the collector refurbishing one of the older models 15.00 ....


sos multispanner SOS Stainless Multi-spanner.  10.00   With the middle of the SOS knocked out for a lanyard to be affixed!

Thanks to one of my customers, Brian, he has made me more...  I have new stock in!   Same price 10.00


ss 102 tank straps Stainless tank straps for 102 pair, 35.00,  as shown.

  Back in stock at last!  With s/s fixing bolt and brass half rounds.  October 2021 back in stock


Oval long range tanks straps  35.00 pair.  ... October 2021 back in stock


stainless exhaust clamp New Stainless Exhaust clips.  20.00   October 2021, back in stock


Coming soon, s/s clutch lever for FPC, EFPC, WSC ESC.  Will post details when I have them.  (The Ali ones no longer available new.)


assorted stainless screws Some British Seagull nuts and bolts available in Stainless! Gearbox screws pictured 3.00 each. Allen head.


flywheel nuts and washers Dome nuts in stainless for two different Villiers ones, 14.00.   Sorry Wipac nuts now all sold.

s/s washers for these nuts 4.00



crankcase base studs  s/s 5/16 BSF base studs for crankcase/drive leg, with s/s washers and s/s nuts,    Sold out


nylock nuts  s/s 5/16 BSF Nylock nuts for some fuel tanks etc. Sold out


engine lug studs s/s 5/16 BSF engine mounting lug studs, drilled with pin washer and nut, per pair, £16.00


ss tiller and clutch studs Tiller and clutch lever studs, bronze spring, but stainless, washers, pin and nut, Back in stock 20.00...  


40 bracket tie bar s/s 5/16 BSF tie bar studs, fits the 40 bracket to replace the brass one that breaks! £5.00 each.


old stock villiers lever old stock villiers lever 2 Villiers 'thumb' throttle levers,   SOLD OUT!! Instead converted Amal lever...was 29.00... reduced to 25.00,  end fitting socket for a different size end nipple, but it works. This is a Seagull conversion.

Used Villiers levers available sometimes, all have some corrosion, cruddy, but work, £10.00


new amal levers New Amal levers, black 25.00

A Few new chromed ones, just come in, 25.00 When they are gone, they are gone...


amal lever used good used villiers lever Used chrome plated Amal levers some corrosion, when available, £10.00

New in, set of 2 stainless screws for Amal levers only, £2.00 set


amal 2 jet air intakes  Amal 2 jet air intakes, new but soiled and cleaned up, £15.00,  last one or two now, August 2017...


Air intakes for Amal 400 series have now all gone.  A new, purpose made, 3D printed, Amal 400 air intake has been made for me.    20.00. Choke 4.75.


amal 25 to 1 kit Amal 2 Jet, 25:1 Kit.  £6.50, (Despite what others might say these are not rare parts, but off the shelf items!)  Supplied with a free short radiator  spanner, you just need to knock out the cross pin handle, cut a slot in the top and use with screwdriver.

Or adapt your own radiator key, lengthened, or make one from a length of old brake pipe, squared to 5mm.


villiers 25 to 1 kit  Villiers  25:1 conversion needles in stock at new price of £7.30! plus P&P 

(Despite what others might claim these are not rare parts, these are off the shelf items!)


bing float chambers Bing Float chambers.  Sorry Sold out now 2023, and cannot find more.....  May still have a used one here 15.00 July 22.


stainless improved  thumbscrew Stainless thumbscrews with captive washers. £16.50. Look just like the older chrome plated ones.  (Brass ones still available, to order only , £18.50).



sos blue engine cover 1 sos cover on wspc logo on top of cover     Waterproof fabric outboard cover, with SOS logo. 25.00.  

New stock, slightly different shape, September 2021. 

Waterproof blue cover, now with vent, has SOS logo and Best in the world on sides. Photo to follow. plus  P&P  


Seagull carry bags  ( Sorry, sold out 2019.)


tank transfer with man tank transfer 3  Full colour Waterslide transfers! £10.00

Waterslide tank transfers back in stock, as per the 1960 and 70's tanks. I have obtained sole stock of this transfer copied from an original given to me when I cleared the factory...  and it is the same as the one fitted to tanks 30 plus years ago! 10.00 each plus  P&P.

Also in stock, tank stickers with similar info, 25:1, as fitted on later Seagulls, after 1978.  And copies of early 10:1 transfer as sticker, both 5.85 each plus P&P.

  102 tank transfer, £10.00.  The flying Seagull!!.  This is a copy of a genuine tank transfer, not the slightly different ones you will find on eBay. Well worth waiting for.     plus  P&P . .

Little Forty, small flying gull transfer 10.00. As fitted to the 1950s Little Forty models.  plus  P&P . .


Marston Gold Flying Seagull transfers. 10.00


British Seagull man sticker  5" tall Seagull man sticker, blue, just blue, for fixing to a white background 2.00.  Cheaper alternative to the full transfer... while stocks last....Seagull have no more of these now....


    Small Silver Seagull sticker and instructions for displaying on the back and top of the steel 3 pint tanks.  5.00 March 2018.


filler cap side Seagull filler caps, new £18.75,  or used, (when available), with new cork washer, £10.00


 ep140 oil ep140 label EP140 Gear oil, 1 litre bottles with flexi spout for ease of filling 7.50    (price has just had to go up sadly, Oct 22.) (As it is so heavy  has to go 2nd Class post. plus P&P UK ...) 



2 stroke oill 2 stroke label Also now available 1 litre bottles of Two Stroke oil, sufficient for 5  x 5 litres at 25:1 £9.00  (price has just had to go up sadly, Oct 22.) P&P  2nd Class Mail.


I also have some 1litre bottles of Biodegradable oil,  12.00... plus P&P  Go Green!


slightly dented 3 pint brass tank Used Brass 3 pint tanks. Bare tank, no leaks. All with 'authentic' dents!  (slight ones) from 25.00. More heavily dented, for repairing, £15.00. Also cannot be posted overseas, for air safety reasons, sorry.

Also available pairs of dented tank end caps for refurbishing and re-soldering, 5.00 pair


used brass fuel taps    Old taps with good filters and tap repair kit 20.00.

 New Taps  29.50. limited stocks...  Sold out....   Alternatively....

Refurbished taps, new filters, plus repair kit 25.00, last few...


Plastic Taps ....   Sadly, or maybe not sadly, as these were not that clever, they are no longer available...  But I have obtained a replacement that may well be a lot better.

Replacement rotary fuel tap 7.50 replaces the plastic 'pull for on taps'.  Still not as robust as the repairable metal ones!  But a lot cheaper. (push fit on hose).


metal fuel tap kit Fuel Tap overhaul kit, including that tiny screw you normally lose on the floor, £6.50.  (Try the boiling trick first though! See the FAQ page)


amal 2 jet cable I have cables to fit all models, (Bing or Amal 400 series), price   £12.00.   Pictured Amal 2 jet £13.50


villiers throttle cable  Cable for Villiers, with adjuster. £13.50 (These are shorter than mine and 3.00 more expensive.) See below.


villiers pattern cable My own new Villiers 'Pattern' cable, with adjuster, 2" longer,  same quality, cheaper price tag....£10.50.....

Sadly no cables for the earlier Villiers levers,  the long thin brass levers on 1950's motors.  If you have one of these ether swap the lever for a later one or take the remains of your cable to an old fashioned motorbike shop, if you can find one, and get them to make you a replacement. (Make it 2" longer at the same time!)


40 series head gaskets 40 series head gasket,  12.50!

(Use a smear of RTV sealant both sides with all head gaskets! Tighten finger tight only and allow 2 hours to set before final hard hand pressure tightening...)


century and Silver Century head also model 90/110 New cylinder head for Century, silver Century or Model 90 £50.00 discounted, or used, reduced to 20


forty series crankcase Crank case for all Forty models.  Sorry only used left.....  Good used, from £20.00.


century series head gaskets Century and Silver Century head gaskets.     15.00


Century, Silver Century, models 75 to 90/110 crankcase Century and Silver Century plus models 75 to 90/110 crankcase. Last few new new 50.00  Good used from £20.00.


used heads forty series head New 40 series head £50.00 discounted, used £20.00


 Little Forty Head and base plates, the correct thickness steel.  Last few 15.00 for pair, top and bottom..


d16 spark plug D16, or NGK AB6, spark plug recommended for all Seagulls using 18mm plugs. Sorry price increase again... 6.50


htlead and cap Seagull HT lead and plug cap, 22.75  sorry April 2023 Seagull have hiked prices again....  Supplied separate, the plug cap screws on, simply make a dent in the end of the lead, in the copper core and screw together, then remove to check screw is into copper and refit, this time with some waterproof sealant.  Then it becomes  waterproof! I remove the nasty steel clip, if you are worried it may fall off, used a small electrical tie.  (They do not fall off if you seal with silicone).


64cc 40 series rings Set of 2 piston rings for 40 models and Curlew, £11.50


102cc piston rings Set of 2 piston rings for 102cc Seagulls, including Century and silver Century, £15.00

start cord Start cord with correct length and thickness cord!   £4.00!


40engine lug Engine mounting lug for 40 models, should be 58.50, selling old stock, discounted to 35.00, used 15.00 but studs rusty...


tilthook and pin Tilt hook and pin for 40 engine lug,  £10.00.


water pump rotors Seagull Water pump rotors, 10 for the 40 now and 10.00 for the 100 rotor.

Metal one for the model 102, 20.00. Only a few left!

QB rotors available again, British Seagull have had new ones made, 20.00, discounted.

Before you assume the pump is broken, do try back flushing the motor, so many ask for rotors only to find it makes no difference as the waterways were choked! See the FAQ page!!

Caution! All plastic rotors must be slid onto clean and greased shafts by hand, do not hit with a spanner, they are brittle... to further assist, drop the rotor in your mates hot tea for 2 minutes before fitting, it will soften it slightly!


good used amal 2 jet carb good used amal 2 jet Sample of good used Amal 2 jet carb, complete with new washers, filter, choke assembly, 65, when available.   Also refurbished Amal 2 Jet bare bodies with new sleeve insert for banjo bolt. .. sorry out of stock at the moment.

Very few used Amal 416/418/420 carb bodies available   from 40.00. Out of stock March 23.

Amal 400 air intakes. Seagull have run out, so I have had new 3D printed intakes made for these, available now, 20.00. August  2019. Chokes extra 4.75  (the old ones normally reusable..)


new villiers carb  Villiers carb, sold out of new ones now....  Used Villiers Carbs always available, grubby but almost complete (less air Comp.) from 40.00.    Fuel lines, new and used and new cables available too...

The Villiers air compensator that screws onto the front is no longer available new from Seagull.   So I have had new ones made, available now, plastic 3D printed, July 2019. 15.00  Also some used but stronger, metal ones still available 15.00


marston flywheel pullers 1 marston flywheel pullers 2 Marston Flywheel pullers, specially made to remove the 'domed' Marston Flywheels.  sorry sold out.  September  2022.

marston flywheel cover Marston pattern domed Flywheel covers. Sorry sold out.


satin chrome air intakes Satin chromed steel air intakes for the early Marston Seagulls.  20  last few


navy type air intakes  Brass air intakes for the Marston 'Navy type' Wartime Seagulls. Beautifully turned and polished they only fit the Amal 2 Jet.  20.00 each.   ... last few


chrome plated air intakes Late Marston highly chromed steel air intakes for Marston engines, Sold out Sept 18.


  Early Marston/SD brass 'L' shaped thumbscrews, with mild steel cup washers, as close to the original as we can get! 16.50 each.  (33 a pair!).


  Little Forty thrust bobbins, newly made limited number available. 10.00 a pair.


Wing nuts in bronze for model 102 tillers. Last few 7.50.


Please note the spares listed are just a fraction of parts kept here, I can supply almost every part for motors going back as far as the 1950's and sometimes beyond, prices are only shown here so you do not get ripped off elsewhere!



October 2023,  Royal mail postage increases..  prices are going up again sadly..


Postal conditions for overseas customers.


For overseas postage to destinations other than  Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries where the postal services have an excellent reputation, I send normal air mail. Other places I now insist on tracked postage, at extra expense, and can take no responsibility for non arrival of parts.  I will supply tracking details and customers must trace and seek their own compensation if a parcel fails to arrive.  This unhappy situation has been forced on me because a customer claimed he failed to receive a parcel in South Africa and claimed his money back from PayPal, even though I had proof of posting etc.  I cannot afford to give spares away for free.


I will try to answer queries by e-mail of course, but I might ask you to speak to me on the phone to positively identify your motor. There are quite a lot of motors that do not have the correct engine numbers, due to the swapping of parts so common with these engines. This causes all sorts of problems, as there are carburetor and ignition differences that I should be able to identify from your number, so please forgive me if I ask silly questions about your motor.


I work from home in the heart of the Dengie peninsular, Essex. 99% of my customers deal with me by post.  But if you can find Tillingham and want to call in, give me a ring, I am just south east of the village.

map of tillingham

I can normally supply most parts new, some hard to get parts, that are out of production, can sometimes be sourced second hand. I try to keep a fair stock of usable old part you might have to clean them up your selves though!

Mail or phone me for parts I will give you an e-mail link for online payment, or you can pay by cheque by post

PayPal payments accepted!   I send out a PayPal invoice link and using this you can pay with any credit or debit card securely on line. (Or a PayPal account!).

This means you can pay using major credit cards, and from overseas as well.

(For UK customers I still accept cheques and P.O.'s, contact me for address and postage prices.)


I will send your parts by first class mail, or if over weight, by Parcel Force.  My P&P prices are some of the cheapest you will find.

You will have to forgive me if you do not get your parts back inside 24 hours, I only get one post a day here, and that is often too late for me to catch the post out locally!







If I am not answering the phone, this might give you a clue to where I might be given half a chance!  Out sailing!!

pict4027 small


Please look through the 'FAQ' page first, you might find what you need there. 

Try also the 'I. D. your British Seagull' pages, before mailing queries to me, as I now have to spend much time answering your e-mails! That, of course, keeps me from the workshop! UK queries may be better by phone, as I can ask you those extra little questions that might solve a problem easier. (Like why your 102 has a century plus gearbox!)