The Inboard British Seagulls.

Not too well known as part of the British Seagull scene, these two models were a brief incursion into a slightly different field. Sadly the affair did not last too long, and after just a few years, the project was dropped, all the parts sold off to a boatyard on the canal system, in Staffordshire, I believe. (I am hoping that these few notes will prompt some one to tell me more.)

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For some considerable time, Colin Williams, (no relation!), who bought up all the parts, continued selling spares from his address in Matson, Gloucestershire. In October 2001, I was in discussion with Colin with a view to take on the remaining spares, sadly I have since learnt that many were destroyed by flood? I can no longer get an answer from Colin's number. I understand that the remaining few inboard spares were sold at Jumbles. (See the links page for Phillip Cresswell he may have one or two bits left...)

In reality there are No Spares available for the Inboard.....

The two models were the 110 and the 160. The 110 used the common motor head from the Silver Century Plus and Model 90/110. The FNR Gearbox from the 110 was used. (In those years it was still called the 110 outboard.) 

However!! The 160 model used the ill fated 170 power head, with the problem of the weakness in the con rod, so many of these otherwise excellent little engines, have been scrapped through lack of a spare con rod. If you have one of these 160 units, do not rev it out of gear!!

Martyn Sandbrook has sent in pics of a new con rod cap he has made from bronze. It is hoped this will cure the problem with his inboard 160. The 160 is the same engine power unit as the 170 and 125. Photos below.

bigend1 small bigend3 small bigend4 small I think you will agree the new one is a bit beefier than the old.!! Martyn is a little concerned about engine balance, he may have to drill the flywheel to counter that. We will see. 

160 crank1 small 160 crankcase1 small More pics of the rebuild from Martyn.....

martyn's 160 1 small martyn's 160 2 small martyn's 160 3 smallLatest pics, looks better than new!

alan adkinsd1601 alan adkin sd1603  These two pics of a 160 inboard restored by Alan Adkin

inboard British Seagull dscf1179  Inboard found in a launch in Kent, may be salvageable......