90/110 Series.

The Model 90 is in fact the same as the model 110. The 110 was named to be 'one up' from the Century or 100. When the 'Trades Descriptions Act' came in in the 1980's they realised the motors could not really be described as certain hp, as they did not quite 'get there' So instead they measured prop thrust, in pounds. The 110 came in at 90, so that is what it became. The rest of the range were also given 'numbers', though we still refer to the Featherweight as that, not often a model 45! Does not sound the same does it!


Strangely, just at the end of the production run the model 90 became the 'Classic 5' and her thanks to Magnus in Sweden, here is an excellent pic of one of the very last to ever leave the factory. At that time each was built to order. Twist grips were standard, the carb intake was the same as the Kingfisher models. Note the gold top and prop. there are other differences you can't see too, like a water injection system into the exhaust. Crude but effective. This particular model has roller bearings too, most unusual. There cannot be many of these about, and certainly none as unused as this one. June 2004.

magnus's classic 5 small  classicexh2 small 

The second pic shows the exhaust injection trick. I have done this with success on older model 90's. It cuts down the exhaust noise and you can cover the drilled holes in the exhaust, with S/S jubilee clips, and it will still start it easily! Thank you to Magnus for the pics.. 

John SOS.

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