Engines Repaired or reconditioned.




Want to buy areconditioned British Seagull?  I now pass owners on to Simon Dunn, see the card below.



.simon dunn

Simon works from premises near me in Essex and will service/repair British Seagulls, give him a try if you need work done.  I have even had him service my inboard in 2009 and a very good job he made of it too.  I can recommend him.  He also has letters after his name!



When I have engines for sale they will appear on the  For Sale  pages of this site.

I did have an outlet in Maldon, via a friends Sail-makers and Chandlery, but my friend has retired and the shop has gone, so it is simpler to deal direct.

Sadly of late, I have been so busy with spares supply, that I have not managed to clear many of the motors that I have earmarked for renovation.

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If I am not answering the phone, this might give you a clue to where I might be!

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Please look through the 'FAQ' page first, you might find what you need there. 

Try also the 'I. D. your British Seagull' pages, before mailing queries to me, as I now have to spend much time answering your e-mails! That, of course, keeps me from the workshop! UK queries may be better by phone, as I can ask you those extra little questions that might solve a problem easier. (Like why your 102 has a century plus gearbox!)