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These engines will be at my address in Tillingham, Essex.

Viewing only by appointment.       01621gulblink778859

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I will place any reconditioned or stock clearance motors on this page when they become available.

First though a warning!

Beware, Beware, Beware, E-Bay Bargains!!

There are some really unscrupulous individuals out there that are selling British Seagull parts on E-Bay, some are selling at inflated prices and often not new!

A used Drive spring for 5.00!!! What!! New, they are only 3.50...... and my P&P 3.50! In 2007, a new spring was seen, 'buy it now' price of 10.00! I have also seen postage prices of over 5.00!! For 1 spring! ! (my post is at cost,3.50)  Gearbox plugs selling at the 'bargain price' of 5.00, new, they are just 2.60!!  40 Head gaskets, 12.99 + 3.00 (nearly twice my prices of 7.75+ 1.50).

The best one was the statement from a seller on Oxfordshire, that British Seagull oil has to be non EP, and more or less slating 'other websites' for selling EP oil, quoting the oft misquoted reason of the additives eating bronze bearings. What total cods!! If he cared enough to research, he would realise it was only a problem in hot oil applications ...Ever seen a British Seagull gearbox that was not super water cooled! British Seagull did their homework, they knew.....

British Seagull ep 90

Above is a picture of a genuine British Seagull bottle from my museum, yes it does read EP 90..

Sadly I did not keep the old EP140 tin ...

I suspect the chap selling on EBay has just got a load of 140 to get rid of, but hang on, he is selling it for 8.99 for 500ml instead of my 5.50 for a litre!! You can use either, but mine is so much cheaper! Wow that makes his 3 times the price of mine .....

Sadly he cannot even spell Villiers,  some British Seagull enthusiast and if anyone actually wants an old Villiers flywheel I have dozens, sadly had to scrap hundreds, there is a limit to what I can store ...., you can have one for free!  Not for his extortionate 14.99!!! plus post!

You have been warned, ring me for a price first! Compare prices I promise not to fleece you. Bet I'm always cheaper and the springs will be new, as are most of my parts. Where I cannot any longer get new spares, I often have used available, castings etc. Used parts will be considerably cheaper of course, than the price of a new part, when they were last available!

I do feel sorry for those who get stung this way...there seems to be more and more unscrupulous people out there. E- Bay simply say 'buyer beware ' ...You have been warned. Why get fleeced!???



I have left some sold items below to show you the quality of the motors I sell. These days I do not get the time to restore/repair motors and when I do they  sell quickly...Come back often is all I can say...

August 2014......

SOLD:  1976 GFP, as new, unused. 



Stored from new and checked over by me. This has a virtually  unmarked fuel tank, perfect chrome and was just dusty.  Fitted with new HT lead and plug.

Sold for 375.00  collected from Essex.

John  @ SOS    tele 01621 778859   or   john@saving-old-seagulls.co.uk

November 2013.

SOLD!!!: Wartime (WWII) SD.  What I would call the 'Navy type'.




The flywheel is of the original type and has a copper cover.  The gear lever is bronze and it has the bronze skeletal bracket I associate with these models.   Bronze exhaust.  Steel tank with bayonet fit copper fuel cap, original tank straps.

This motor has come to me from a friend, it was his fathers motor , and he had it since the 1950's.  It is not seized, but beyond that internal condition is unknown.  Has good compression though.  Have not tinkered and have no idea if the coil is still good, but after 70 years or more suspect it is not, but this motor is not for general use, it is a Second World War Museum piece and should be treated as such.  It has been stored in a garage for 40 odd years and looks as if someone opened a tin of distemper too close, so has a few splatters of paint on it.! the pinch bolt has been replaced with a nut and bolt, but suspect a collector could restore the thread with a helicoil and refit the correct bolt.


Was offered at 250 to an enthusiast or collector to polish up and preserve.  Normal price for one polished can be over 400.  They do not come up that often, certainly not as complete as this one.

For collection from Essex, no couriers

John  @ SOS    tele 01621 778859   or   john@saving-old-seagulls.co.uk




SOLD wspc for sale   wspc for sale 2 wspc for sale 3

WSPC Standard shaft.  Very nice condition.  I have replaced HT lead and plug, sold with spare spring.  all up and working nicely but not titivated, needs polishing and maybe a little paint on the flywheel etc.

Sold as a runner, 250.00

To be picked up from Tillingham.  Sold 2011.


SeaBee 2 outboard Sold  , not one of mine but one of my suppliers 'Villiers Parts'.

As the name suggests it is a 1.5 to 2h designed for the smallest dinghies.

It is also new and runs well of course.

seabee outboard for sale   SeaBee outboard selling by george

Sold  by George  of Villiers parts


SOLD  wspcimgp5821 wspcimgp5822 wspcimgp5823 wspcimgp5824 wspcimgp5825 wspcimgp5826

Very late Wipac magneto WSPC,   chrome almost unmarked.  this motor has been stored all it's life and possibly only started to test. We have tested it, its like new,  the flywheel lets it down, as with all Seagulls the paint did not stick too well!  I have not even tried to clean the dust of ages off this one.

Long range tank almost unmarked!  Chrome straps may polish up, or you could fit a pair of my s/s ones!

Still has original HT lead and cap!  Would recommend changing those if you are going to use it!




Special!! as New! SOLD!

EFPCL3 hp Forty Plus longshaft with clutch

efpcl 5 may 06 small efpcl 4 may 06 smallefpcl 2 may 06 small efpcl 7 may 06 smallefpcl 1 may 06 smallefpcl 3 may 06 small efpcl 6 may 06 small

This motor looks unused, a max of 5 or 6 hours I would guess, maybe just testing! It has no corrosion as you can see so I bet it has only been started in a tank! It was purchased from a gentleman's family. Found in his garage after his demise. He apparently bought it and stored it, along with 25 other outboards of all sizes and makes, motorbikes and lawnmowers..... The only damage I found was to the throttle cable, done in storage, it has been replaced of course. Sealed CD ignition and runs on 25:1 mix. can be fitted with the British Seagull recoil starter, which I have in stock.. Will suit dinghy with high freeboard, up to about 14 or 15 ft, or as standby on small powerboat.

Sold at 450.00 01621 778859

SOLD! Curlew 4 hp. Long shaft.

Built from new parts. Unused.

 dscf0093 small dscf0097 small dscf0096 small

This motor was loving built by me from new parts obtained when I cleared the British Seagull factory in 1996.Though the crankcase has a 1990 date on it, most of the motors parts are unused, including the block, head, bracket, gearbox, prop, inner and outer exhaust, carb, drive leg, etc etc.. It has only ever been used in the test tank. Click here for a Video clip of it running! I built it to go onto the back of my daughters wedding present, an 18ft Foxcub cruiser. Despite loving my motors she expressed a need for a reverse gear, for the new mooring in Brixham marina they were offered. Thus this Easter, before we launched, I swapped it for a 'different' sort of 4 hp...a Mercury! Wash your mouth out John! (Actually it is a very nice sail power job and does nearly as well as I think the British Seagull would have done!). So I have a quite rare British Seagull to offer for sale.

500.00Contact John on 01621 778859 or via Email. To be collected from Essex, no couriers. 3/08

SOLD! to Stefan in Sweden!04/08

One off......new, long range brass tank on carrier. newlr tank1 small new lr tank4 small new lr tank3 small new lr tank2 small

This new tank has only the slightest blemishes for 30 years of boxed storage. No dents, complete with original transfer and all mountings fittings and straps. 80.00 SOLD!


Silver Century Plus For Sale. March 2006 SOLD! by April!! wspc for sale  3.06 small wspc  2 for sale 3.06 small wspc 5 for sale 03.06 small wspc 4 for sale 03.06 small wspc 3 for sale 3.06 small

This 5 hp. engine has been totally stripped to last nuts and bolts. (because it had a crankcase leak!) Rebuilt, with many new parts. It is a 1972 model with a 1 gallon steel tank in good order.25:1 Conversion. Tank tested and with my normal 3 month warranty. Sold with spare drive spring and start cord.

235.00. SOLD!

Motor to be collected from Essex. I do not recommend couriers, no matter how good they are, motors get damaged!

Unused, Forty Plus Longshaft. March 2006 SOLD! April!!

gfpl 10 small gfpl 9 small gfpl 8 small gfpl 7 small gfpl 6 small gfpl 16 small

This 3 hp. motor came to me as never having been used, but stored for many years, checking it over I do not believe it has ever been run since it left the factory in 1977.It is virtually unmarked. It is complete with the original 8 Com plug, old style HT cap and lead, (which I can change for you if you are going to use this motor.) It has a Bing carb, so will run at 25:1 mix. I have not even put fuel in it. It does have a healthy blue spark and plenty of compression though, so will run. With start cord and spare spring.


gfpl 1 small gfpl 2 small gfpl 6 small gfpl 4 small gfpl 3 small gfpl 15 small

I show a few more pics of nuts and bolts etc, just to show the remarkable condition. It has been varnished from new in accordance with British Seagull's instructions. That can easily be removed with stripper of course, to reveal the unmarked aluminium underneath! This motor is a longshaft, so is suitable for higher transom dinghies, 20",up to 14 ft long (or maybe a little longer). Could be used as a standby on slightly larger vessels. 350.00

SOLD! April 06


marston small marston 2 small marston 4 small SOLD!

Forty Featherweight

f 4 small f 3 small f 2 small f 1 small SOLD!

1990 Curlew 4hp Longshaft.

dscf0046 small dscf0047 small dscf0048 small dscf0050 small dscf0051 small dscf0052 small SOLD!

Silver Century Plus Longshaft, clutch drive.

wspcl small SOLD!

Electronic Featherweight.


barrys ef small barrys ef3 small barrys ef2 small

barrys wspcl2 small barry's wspcl1 small barrys wspcl 3 small

Silver Century Plus Longshaft, Clutch Drive.


For SALE...

And now for something different! Model British Seagull Kits! These tiny models, cast in metal in kit form they are sold by Waverley Models, 20B Moor Lane,

Clevedon, North Somerset. BS21 6ES.You can phone Mike Mayhew on 01275 546772.   waverley.models at virgin.net Price about 15 plus post.

model built small

This is a model 102, I understand Mike is working on a Silver Century too! Cute aren't they! Just need a scale model dinghy to mount it on! John.


If I am not answering the phone, this might give you a clue to where I might be!

pict4027 small

Please look through the 'FAQ' page first, you might find what you need there.

Try also the 'I. D. your British Seagull' pages, before mailing queries to me, as I now have to spend much time answering your e-mails! That, of course, keeps me from the workshop! UK queries may be better by phone, as I can ask you those extra little questions that might solve a problem easier. (Like why your 102 has a century plus gearbox!)


Mail or phone me for parts I will give you an e-mail link for online payment, or you can pay by cheque by post

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This means you can pay using major credit cards, and from overseas as well.

(For UK customers I still accept cheques, contact me for address and postage prices.)


I will send your parts by first class mail, or if over weight, by Parcel Force.  My P&P prices are some of the cheapest you will find.

You will have to forgive me if you do not get your parts back inside 24 hours, I only get one post a day here, and that is often too late for me to catch the post out locally!