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 Item TitlePriceShippingTotalTime Left
British Seagull Outboard Villiers Fuel Pipe New24.993.9928.98GBP4h:11m:7s
Poole Twin Tone Side Plates x 2 15.5 cm C57 Ice Green & Seagull Vintage British10.990.0010.99GBP5h:8m:19s
British Seagull Outboard Ewarts Fuel Tap, New Filter, Cork Petrol Tap9.992.8012.79GBP5h:31m:9s
British Seagull Outboard Fuel Petrol Tank Cap9.992.9912.98GBP5h:33m:32s
British Seagull outboard Forty Plus & Century Standard Shaft Chrome Drive Tube9.996.9916.98GBP5h:49m:50s
British Seagull Outboard HT lead, Spark Plug Lead For Most Models9.992.0011.99GBP5h:52m:14s
Vintage 60s POOLE Twintone Ice Green Seagull Hot Water/Milk Jug C57 FREE UK P&P12.990.0012.99GBP9h:27m:38s
British Seagull Outboard Emergency Spares kit All New16.993.9920.98GBP18h:59m:59s
British Seagull Outboard Handbook And Operating Instructions 1970's2.991.003.99GBP20h:26m:50s
British Seagull Outboard Handbook And Operating Instructions 1970's2.991.003.99GBP20h:28m:36s
British Seagull Flywheel Cap p/n IGN030028.000.008.00GBP21h:24m:22s
SUPERMARINE SEAGULL ASR.Mk 1 – British Seaplane – Warplane Collector’s Card0.990.951.94GBP22h:30m:55s
British Seagull HT Lead - High Tension Lead for British Seagull Outboard 19.250.0019.25GBP22h:36m:24s
British Seagull Century with clutch model Joint Plate (G.box to Rotor housing)6.600.006.60GBP23h:4m:53s
British Seagull Fuel Tank Decal For Painted Fuel Tanks - Fuel Tank Sticker9.370.009.37GBP23h:5m:49s
British Seagull Fuel tank sticker - Genuine14.990.0014.99GBP1 day
Champion 8 COM Spark plugs . British Seagull Outboard . 18mm Detachable.6.003.909.90GBP1 day
British Seagull 40 series Gearbox Front End Cap17.000.0017.00GBP1 day
British Seagull 40 series Bevel Pinion9.500.009.50GBP1 day

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