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Thinning the flock

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2021 2:26 pm
by andrew
Nothing fancy about these 2 motors but thought I’d post a couple pics since I had them handy. Sold these as a pair this week.

SJP28539L I never touched after buying a few years ago, has great spark when spun by hand and all the bits there so would come to life with a little service. Rusty exhaust and drive shaft tubes let it down but otherwise would clean up well and be a fun rebuild for next owner.

SJP40964L bitsa with wipac ignition, I put this together from a mix of FPL and SJPL parts. Pretty good original chrome and in great running condition with the wipac on top. There is a short thread on the forum for this build from a couple years back.

Have started thinning out my flock, sold 4 motors in last couple months; these 2 plus a silver century plus and a featherweight both in great condition after I did mechanical and cosmetic work on them. But do not worry, my target is only to get back to under 10 gulls by selling unneeded duplicates etc!