Century advice.

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Century advice.

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Hi, probably simple answer but much appreciated as new to the world of seagulls!
Have a 1960 century that doesn’t go into gear. I removed the three screws to remove the cover at the back of the prop. Just had dirty water and sludge in it.
The bevel pinion seems to just drops down out of the square drive shaft when the moter is upright so that it doesn’t make contact with the gear teeth on the crown gear and hence no drive.
My question is should the bevel pinion be fixed into the square drive shaft to hold it in place or is something else wrong. The square drive shaft is corroded at the end but still fairly square. The gears themselves look ok but lots of play in the propeller shaft and the unit is clearly not holding gear oil.
Your expert thoughts appreciated as otherwise the motor runs sweet. Is it repairable or should I be looking to pass on for spares.
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