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Thank you

Post by Keith.P »

I would like to say a big thanks to John and his minions, for their hard work getting the forum up and running again.
You only miss it when you haven't got it. :P
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Re: Thank you

Post by THCL500J8 »

I too would like to add my thanks, as i realized, i log on at least once a day to catch up with the entertainment, education, and the general daring do, of seagullers around the globe.

So SIR Thank you for this and all the work you do for us, all over the world of Seagull.

Andrew. Or should i say:

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Re: Thank you

Post by 1charan »

Yes, a big Thank You! This forum became part of my daily routine in no time, and I missed it. Good job getting this back up.
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Re: Thank you

Post by headdownarseup »

what was the problem in the end.

SERVER gone down?
i had noticed, but there again i have to go out to work during the day so i dont miss it THAT much. :lol:

A job well done (as usual)

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