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HSD For sale

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2021 8:11 pm
by Oyster 49
I've had this HSD around for a couple of years, but then another HSD came along which I've rebuilt. So I'm going to offer this one for sale here first.

HSD12689L1. Complete with correct bargepusher type gearbox, period correct with oil nipples and a correct brass bayonet cap tank. Can be supplied minus the SD gearbox currently fitted to it. I'll also throw in a correct brass throttle lever. When the SD register excercise was done a few years ago, there were only 3 of these known, so a very rare seagull indeed, and well worth having in your collection. Asking £300, collection from East Midlands NG10.

Not a lot is known about the HSD, but they were definitely tested by the experimental bridging establishment at Christchurch in 1945, but it seems that the army did not adopt a second version of the seagull engine. The HSD then emerged as the AHC series which was sold alongside the AC engines. It later became known as the 102 plus.