SD 102 reviewed

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SD 102 reviewed

Post by timberman2004 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:00 pm

well Gentlemen, Gull wizards, and plain old exhaust sniffers, one and all :lol:
(I count myself in the latter actually ...a smidgin of castor oil in the mix does it rather nicely )

To my mind there is a a very comprehensive resource on here, of chaps offering (mostly) good sound advice, and a indeed a huge willingness to be helpful ....and all for free!!...sketches, drawings, photos, practical progressive advice...and Ohm meter readings!!

No, not for us some hirsute surly curmudgeonly old git at the garage, who's sizing up your wallet, before even considering the car's problems ...
Nope, we're above all that ...

A select band of brothers with the sole intent of championing the worlds waterways ...without resorting to oars !
Bravely going where others fear to tread..or float
Motoring off into the sunset to the redolent tones (burbles, howls, rattles and bangs) of our chosen engine...

Ummmm....Unfortunately we have all foolishly chosen to do it with that environmentally friendly, cutting edge piece of modern Hi-Tech engineering and futuristic design that is the British Seagull.... :shock: :shock:

And on that matter I had a thought ... as the matter of parts cost seems to keep popping up ...

well, for my 2d worth ...and you all bemoan the passing of Old Money, it's a bit like this ...
The glorious Gull is for us (though frustrating at times ) an interest, a hobby, a passion...
We are active practical historians keeping these Gulls alive, keepers of the sacred flame, of the day where you could bung hydrocarbons about with wild abandon .... :roll:

I a bit carried won't happen again

But with all blokey interests, there is a cost... a cost of belonging and participating ...and at least we don't have to pay to belong

So after all that tirade, (and thanks to the few who have got this far) £ 60 odd for a coil for example, to keep a Gull alive for the next generations is an OK investment surely? Esp when measured against the ££££ for golf clubs, car bits, fishing tackle, the new phone etc

And that utter joy of burbling down the river / out in the estuary ....with that twitch in the pit of your stomach only Gullers know, ..."Is she going to make it today?"

Yup, your working Gull is a proper conversation stopper ....with its charming racket, a REAL conversation stopper :lol:

...OK, ..I'll get my coat ...

Neal...errrr... an ON, OP, 2xSD, F, 3xSJP, LLS, 2xFV, FVP, FPC, CPC WPCL, WSC, and a few eggs hatching, hopefully

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Collector Inspector
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Re: SD 102 reviewed

Post by Collector Inspector » Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:50 am

What a great read!

I agree.


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Re: SD 102 reviewed

Post by Oyster 49 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:50 pm

Me too.

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Re: SD 102 reviewed

Post by Hugz » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:57 pm

Very eloquent.

Best description l had was a little lad said to his dad ."look, that man has a home made motor".

Often l get followed and when making a landing wonder what these strangers want forgetting how unique these motors are. Doesn't matter if it is an SD or a century.

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Re: SD 102 reviewed

Post by headdownarseup » Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:15 pm

I can remember the last time i went out on the reservoir for a day's fishing with my boys, there was an older gent standing at the dock admiring the elderly 102 perched on my boat's transom. Apparently his father had one back in the good 'ol days but couldn't remember what type it was. He recognised the decal on the fuel tank. Nice to know that some things haven't been forgotten :P
I'd say more a conversation starter rather than stopper.
I find it quite satisfying to learn that a lot of the older male generation still have a keen interest in old fashioned british engineering.
Noise and smoke just adds to the charm of it all.

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Re: SD 102 reviewed

Post by seagull101 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:30 pm

I have been told multiple times from may people locally and on here 'its nice to see the younger generation taking control of seagulls'
I also get the usual 'wow' when anyone new sees my shed!


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