Saving Old Seagulls closing for Sailing Trip !

From 31st May until end of August 2018
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Saving Old Seagulls closing for Sailing Trip !

Postby Petergalileo » Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:37 pm

Hello All.

On May 31st I closed for the summer.

I am off sailing!

I got halfway round the UK 5 years back and was to complete the circumnavigation the next year.

Then along came the travellers so I had to be here protecting our home for 2 years. Then along came kidney barnacles! 5 years later I am off to finish the trip, hopefully!

'Fiddling Around' as I call it!

Fiddler's Green will be sailing south on June 17th, first stop hopefully Ramsgate, then west along the south coast, via all sorts of harbours and creeks to the Scillies. Thence north across the Celtic Sea to Eire!!

Hope to follow the coast of Ireland north till I cross the top of the Irish Sea to Scotland. Thence to Troon to complete the circle.
Depending on when I arrive there I could piggyback on an artic and come straight home, or cruise the Clyde and its islands for a week or two.

I hope to be back in my home waters in Essex by late August.

Jackie at British Seagull has agreed to look after you all in my absence, but I will still be available sometimes on the mobile 07850 286607 to answer her and your, technical queries.

Link on home page to British Seagull!

You can follow my progress, or lack of it, via the link to 'Fiddling Around' on the home page of SOS

Thanks to all of you who realised I was going and got in early with the orders, hope I have helped as many out as possible.

SOS will be back up and runing again in late August!

Have a great summer, I hope to!


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Re: Saving Old Seagulls closing for Sailing Trip !

Postby John@sos » Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:23 pm

Thanks Peter

Tried but failed to post it like this.

I have deleted my announcement on the other section, but now the good wishes from HA looks daft. Can we move that here and get rid of the other altogether? would make more sense!

Pleased to say my mailbox at SOS is empty!

Everyone has read and heeded the notice on the Home page.

I am now down to the boat every day sorting the thousand and one last miute jobs yet to be sorted before I sail off.

Will be updating my log of the trip shortly, from the boat, to test the laptop and WiFi connection on the phone, all whizzy stuff.


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