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5 engines available

Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 1:49 pm
by spiderg
Hello friends
I have not been on the site for some time now, having sold my boat and other stuff going on. Alas I am not doing boat stuff now.
I do however have 5 seagulls sitting in my garage needing some restoration or overhauling. As I know you guys are genuine seagull people I thought I’d approach you first. There is two 40plus, a 40plus with clutch and I think (need to check) two silver centuries.
For safety Id say for spare or repair.
I’m in Ayrshire Scotland.
I’m asking £100 to anyone connected to this site, before I put them on ebay.
I’d prefer you guys got them rather than the money sharks on ebay👍
Just message if they’re of any interest to anyone, I’ll give any further information, id numbers etc.