Helicoiled at birth?

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Chris B
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Helicoiled at birth?

Post by Chris B » Thu Aug 08, 2019 6:05 pm

Yesterday I removed the head from one of my WSPCLs, in order to inspect the water galleries and cylinder bore.

I haven't had the head off this engine before and as soon as it came off, I noticed that the plug hole had been helicoiled.

I gather that some (many?) Seagulls had the plug hole helicoiled in the factory, in which case perhaps the example I have here is one of those. To help resolve the question, I'm hoping that one of you knowledgeable gentlemen with your mountains of painstakingly compiled BS data, can tell me if my WSPCL was fitted with a helicoil in the factory, or if it's an aftermarket repair.

The engine number is WSPCL 986 HH8, and as far as I'm aware, the crankcase, cylinder block and head are original - i.e. they've always been together as part of the same engine.

Any information re. the helicoil's origin will be most gratefully received!


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