SJP ignition question

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SJP ignition question

Post by andrew »

I noticed an SJP on eBay with plastic starter pulley plate on silver flywheel. Haven’t noticed the silver/plastic combo before, is this something that was ever done at the factory or was it perhaps replaced at some point? Seller thinks it’s original but doesn’t know full history of motor.

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Re: SJP ignition question

Post by fleetingcontact »

Hi Andrew

I don't know if Seagull ever did this for sure, but out of curiosity I just tried a plastic top on my SJP which has a mk1 Villiers, and it is a perfect fit. There would be absolutely no problems replacing the aluminium cover with one, a very easy thing to do - so someone may well have done so in the past. But equally, an easy job to change it to the metal variety if you wanted to. Also, it works the other way too - a mk2 flywheel accepts a mk1 cover with no problems.

It is in great condition, almost like new, seems unmolested. The price is on the rise though!
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