Marsden 1939

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Marsden 1939

Post by Grumpy »

While prowling through NZ newspaper records I came across an interesting ad in the Auckland Star issue of 6 April 1939 in the "Boats for sale"
Marsden, seagull outboard , perfect order. with address and ph number.A downtown Auckland address.
No price given .
Raced the 10 or so km's there only to get told they have no idea what a marsden is and do I know what year it is.
Absolutely no respect at all.
Anyway today I perused the records of the same paper and came across a large section dealing with the sailing race results on the Auckland harbor late January 1914 which is a good indication of why yachting was and remains such a popular sport here .
What interested me here was a mention of results for the "motor dinghys and outboard motors"
So the question here is what type or brand of outboards existed around 1914?
Or perhaps they were just local homemade devices.
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Re: Marsden 1939

Post by AusOB_Collector »

Hi Grumpy,

Around 1914 there were quite a few outboards, most of the ones I know of are American, a couple being the Waterman Porto or the Evinrude Row-Boat Motor. Am not sure of exact dates when they were introduced into commercial production, I think Evinrude 1909ish and the Waterman maybe 1905.
Mostly one cylinder, water cooled two-strokes, though I do know Evinrude made a twin cylinder at one point in the teens.

Hopefully some people with a more extensive knowledge can chime in also.

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Re: Marsden 1939

Post by AusAnzani »

Getting old so it's all a bit fuzzy. From memory American (brand), was the first produced, 1896 I think. Waterman in ~ 1906 and Evinrude in 1909. For exact years, refer Peter Hunns, The Old Outboard Book and/or Arlan Carters, The American Rowboat Motor. Both excellent references BTW.

By 1914, Evinrude was producing tens of thousands of rowboat motors every year. They had already developed the flywheel magneto and offered the technology to anyone that wanted to buy it. It was their way of getting a return on investment ie as they knew others would copy anyway.

Most rowboat motors of that era (and there were lots) comprised parts that were same as or interchangeable with the Evinrude. Lots of copying at that time.

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