Early Forty Minus

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Re: Early Forty Minus

Post by charlesp »

The THC motor is a bit beyond the range, but the AC is right there.

I'm going to presume that 1956 is still a valid year for 'in the world'. We'll keep an eye on the others
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Re: Early Forty Minus

Post by trw999 »

Just by way of comparison, Charles, here is my SJM, number 2121 (April '67), bought brand new for me by my father in the summer holidays of 1967. It must be one of the last ones made.

Since then it has not been molested at all, with one exception, John replaced the plug lead and cap when he serviced it for me a few years back (he kindly gave me the original round Bakelite item to keep). The rest of the motor is as it left the factory.


PS Quality of photos is not great but I can get close ups if anyone wants them

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Re: Early Forty Minus


Hi, well I've got an SJM 262, similar to you guys and the mag cover has "in the world" on it, an SJM 2009 and an SJP 544 with "for the world".
I think these are really cute affordable little motors, one of my favorites.
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Re: Early Forty Minus

Post by Oyster 49 »

Were SJM and SJP engines in the same serial number range, with just a different "M" or "P" in the same way SD and SDP seem to be?
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