Seized Seagull

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Seized Seagull

Post by Voyseyboy » Thu Jul 09, 2020 7:03 pm

Hi All, I am new to this forum and hence to Seagull ownership.
I post this mainly as a matter of interest, but if any member has any comments on what I have done (wrong or just general hints) so far, then please do comment as I am definitely at the bottom of the Seagull learning curve.
I recently bought my ESPCL, October 73, from a local auction site in the knowledge that it was seized, but the price was right. I need it as an auxiliary for my 16 foot fishing boat and as a project for when I am not fishing.
First I needed to clear space in my garage workshop, so much rubbish accumulated over the years, no doubt some of you are familiar with this?

First job was to remove all the 'bits', (more about them later) then the head. I have since read that head removal can be problematical, but the bolts securing mine came out no problem at all which led me into a false sense of security. Nothing went well thereafter.
The piston was was just below TDC. I squirted Plus-gas into the head and exhaust port and left it to soak overnight. The following day being go for it day.
The piston could not be persuaded to move by turning the flywheel, I then, with a friend, attempted to shift it by hitting it with a wooden drift and lump hammer, but still nothing.
It was left soaking for a further 24 hours. Still no movement.
Last resort before butchering the piston; cut a 4mm steel plate and drill 4 holes to match the cylinder bolt holes. Heat the cast block with a gas torch. Fit small (30mm long) wooden drift between the cylinder and steel plate and screw down evenly on the bolts. A lot of pressure was applied but still no movement, so whacked plate with lump hammer and joy of joys it stated to move. Has anyone else experienced a seized piston like this?
Once the piston was moving freely I was able to split the block from the crank case. I could now see into the crank case and it was full of muck and I mean full!
All the water galleries in the block were/are completely blocked, one with silicon sealant!!! Now soaking in Coke (diet of course) overnight.

In removing the 'bits' I had issues with the following -
The exhaust sleeve (I think that is what it is called) was seized on (yes I did remove the retaining screw), had to 'persuade' it to move.
The square drive shaft was seized onto the output from the crank case, so when I pulled the drive leg off, the shaft remained stuck at the top. This I had to drift off after soaking in plus-gas. The shaft itself was full of muck so any release oil would not penetrate to the bottom despite my best efforts to remove it. Once off I found a 2 inch long solid plug of dirt. Where did it all come from?
Next, to split the gear box. All 3 bolts were of course seized. Two I was able to remove by gripping with pipe grips (just) but the 3rd sheared. I have yet to drill out the remains to replace with a new bolt.
The oil was non existent, in it's place was a quantity of thick emulsified gunk, as thick as treacle. I know a certain amount of emulsification is to be expected, but this was an abuse of privileged!

The above represents a precis of 3 days work, much swearing and a jolly good talking too was needed. I think it abundantly clear that the previous owner did not take care of this engine.

Another days work and I think I will be in a position to compile a spares requirement list then to commence the rebuild.

My thanks to john for his early guidance and great website, he saved me a lot of time in stopping me doing things I did not need to do.

I hope to follow this post with a completed working engine in the not to distant future. Again If anyone has any comments I will be pleased to receive them. I have many photos of the process so far if anyone is interested in seeing them.

Cheers for now.

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Re: Seized Seagull

Post by tambikeboy » Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:40 pm

Hey Paul excellent piece of ready and yes I don't think you'll speak to anyone on this site that has not endured what you have experienced in the last couple of days it's the norm for most of us one thing you'll learn quite quick is that heat is your best buddy and wee (I spell with 2 ee,s cus I'm the Scottish one) all like pictures :lol:
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Re: Seized Seagull

Post by Ozzmotorz » Fri Jul 10, 2020 1:11 am

Awesome work.😀
Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

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Re: Seized Seagull

Post by Rig pig » Fri Jul 10, 2020 4:46 pm

Sounds like deep sea salvage! Good luck, thankfully they are simple little engine's.

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Re: Seized Seagull

Post by Voyseyboy » Sat Jul 11, 2020 5:47 pm

Hi all thanks for your comments and support. I will endeavour to upload some Photo's, but I am currently struggling with transferring from my phone to computer. Tambikeboy, yes lots of heat has been applied.
I have taken a short rest as fishing has been my priority, but i have rebuilt the bottom end.
More to follow shortly.

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