Johnson Seagull

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Johnson Seagull

Postby AusOB_Collector » Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:55 am

Hi all

Back in May I was given this little 1968 1.5hp Johnson. I managed to briefly start it at our old outboard meet, but as there was no fuel line from the tank to the carbie, I couldn't see if it would run on the back of a boat.
At the start of this month, I 'rediscovered' it under my workshop bench and decided to get it going again. Someone had removed the bottom of the original fuel tank and then decided to weld it back on without the studs to bolt it down to the head (like a 40+ fuel tank). Unfortunately, the tank also leaked quite badly and as I didn't have a spare tank lying around I decided to get it going using the spare parts I had.


One fully working 1968 1.5hp Johnson with a 102 fuel tank fitted! :shock:
I had to remove the front section of the fuel tank mounting on the cylinder head to accomodate the Seagull tank brackets.

Over the Christmas holidays I'll get another 102 tank specifically for this motor (the one on in the pictures is from my TD959G5) and probably replace the impeller.

Video of it running coming soon.
Sorry pics aren't in correct order
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Re: Johnson Seagull

Postby notav8 » Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:43 am

Looks Good. Johnson Seagulls are getting hard to find these days. LOL
If you didn't know better, you would think it was original.
Good Job.

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