29th December 2010 (am)

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Re: 29th December 2010 (am)

Post by Horsley-Anarak »

I have copied this from the Boat Design Forum

http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/boat-d ... 35499.html

From the River Lerryn Yacht Squadron Committee

The Lerryn Seagull Race.
We have read with interest the postings on this forum (Boat Design Forum) and feel that we should explain the nature and purpose of the Lerryn Seagull Race. It was started 23 years ago with the sole purpose of allowing Lerryn boatowners and other users of the River Fowey to get into their boats in the middle of winter for a competitive fun run. They also dress up their boats and themselves to a "Rig of the day". It never has been intended to be a competition to see how fast you can get a boat to go with a Seagull engine. The rules were deliberately simple and have changed little over time and it has not in the past been necessary to worry too much about the rules because all the competitors entered into the spirit of the race - ie. a village community activity which is able to raise funds for local organisations and charities. We do not intend to change this ethic. Over the years the race has become more widely known and has attracted competitors from all over the UK but most have kept to the rules and spirit of the race.
H-Anorak's boat is clearly a planing hull and we estimated it's speed in the region of 10 knots which is obviously way above the theoretical hull speed and had to be planing. Incidentally, he well exceeded the Fowey Harbour Authority speed limit of 6 knots and would have incurred a fine if caught by the FHA. Also, there is a very narrow stretch of the course where it is dangerous to have boats going in opposite directions at high speed.
On this occasion he was given a prize for two reasons; firstly we want everyone who takes part to enjoy themselves and have a good time and secondly the committee felt that he had obviously put a lot of effort into preparing his boat and engine and coming down here for the race and this deserved some merit. However, our committee will reluctantly have to review and tighten the rules and next year's event will be for strictly displacement hulled boats. There may also be a separate class for modified engines.
For those who want to push their boats and engines to the limit we suggest it would be a good idea for them to organise a different sort of race for themselves. As most harbours have a speed limit it would probably need to be a coastal event.
We hope this clarifies our position which will not change. R.L.Y.S.

If I had stayed at 6 knots, I would have come about 10th.

They will need to get the speed camera out and disqualify anyone doing over 6 Knots.

Was I planing that is the question.

I still think the hull was not planing, as I was not going fast enough.

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Re: 29th December 2010 (am)

Post by Charles uk »

I allways thought there was a criminal look to you!

What are we going to do with the youth of today?
Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.
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Re: 29th December 2010 (am)

Post by outboard »

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what about that, are they bad losers???

H-A, you spent time on your design and engine, you whipped arse, well done.
Are we organising a fun day to pay the fine for H-A? Or should he do porridge???

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