SOS British Seagull Engine Identifier

Please note that this is the Beta version and still in testing. If you notice any anomalies, we would be very grateful if you could tell us by emailing John on the address at the bottom of the page. Please remember to include the actual serial number that you used. Thanks, John.
Engine Serial Number:
Data Specific To Serial Number 'F471B8'

Manufacture Date: February 1968

'F' Coded Engines
Years Manufactured 1967 to 1976
Series Forty
Model Featherweight
HP 1-2
Ignition Wipac Mk 2
Gear Oil SAE or EP 140

Engine Fuel Mixture Ratios
Years Manufactured 1968 to 1978*
Ratio 10:1
1 gal. unleaded 12.8 oz. oil (3/4 pint)
5 litre. unleaded 0.5 litres oil
Oil Outboard 2 stroke to TCW2 or 3
*These motors may have been, and can be, converted to 25:1 mix, check the carb, see FAQ page.

Engine Boat Type & Size
HP* 1-2
Model Forty Minus/Forty Featherweight/45
Vessel Type/ Size This engine is for 6-9 foot dinghies with low transom and in the category 1-2 hp. An easy motor to handle.
*HP represent the manufacturers HP model number. Since British Seagulls are rated in foot pounds the actual horse power rating may not be entirely accurate to the numbers listed. (33 foot pounds = 1 HP) Sealed box British Seagulls can be recognised by an extra screw in the gear box casing just above the top gearbox cap screw. This screw secures the bearing assembly. Note! The Hp ratings are very approximate! Later investigations proved they were wildly inaccurate, and the thrust at the prop became more important and was the figure used to denote models, ie the Featherweight become the 45, the EFNR the 90. John, SOS

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